Jonathan stops interrogation of Obasanjo


President Goodluck Jonathan has stopped the interrogation of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo by the State Security Service.

It is important to mention that the President had earlier asked the State Security Service to look into the allegations Obasanjo made in his letter, and possibly interrogate him.

The change of mind of the President is compelled by a need to be reconciled with his benefactor.

A source close to the presidency said, “The President was the one that gave the directive but I think another counter directive is in force; they might not go into investigating all those things in the letter. I think they are making efforts to settle this matter”

He continued, “Political elders are intervening in it so the President asked them to stay action on it; so, for now there is nothing on it”.

He concluded, “There is the need to take a look at the political implication of the course of action. Besides, the President believes that his differences with Obasanjo are not irreconcilable”.

There you have it. The only thing permanent with politicians is interests not enemies or friends.


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