Jidenna is a true Igbo man searching for a real African woman


Jidenna for ThisDay Style

Covering the latest edition of ThisDay Style, Jidenna talked about what he expects his ideal woman to be like. “ I don’t think I could be with any woman who does not know how to run a business or cook Jollof rice,” said the Rand B classic man. jidenna said this so that all his female admirers and prospective future wives should be be aware of . If you can’t be a business woman and can’t cook, then there’s nothing for you. Jidenna who was brought up in God’s own country has not allowed his brain to be washed by the western ways, he  sure knows the ‘koko’,the African way.

Here is his message to all African cute girls,”Baby girl with 10,000 followers on Instagram and Twitter, if you cannot cook Jollof Rice that can make angels rejoice, then nothing for you”.

 And that begs the question;What is about food that causes so much argument online?Here my candid view on the matter; In America for example, a black woman’s hair is a sensitive issue and among young Nigerians, food is equally sensitive. Hardly a month goes by without an argument erupting on Twitter about who should cook in a marriage and who shouldn’t but personally i think the couples can cook together to increase the bond between them.

Let’s be frank about this, just as men expect women to cook in a marriage, women expect men to handle most (if not all) of the financial responsibilities at home. In  Nigeria, a woman who can’t cook and a man who can’t take care of his family are both seen as useless.

In times like these when gender roles are fluid, who should cook in a marriage is not supposed to be an issue . One day we wouldn’t be stuck up about traditional roles anymore,but generally it feels good to get home from work knowing fully well that you will meet a hot plate of Jollof Rice or a nice plate of pounded yam and egwusi soup,but be ready to give her  enough money for her hair and manicure.

Jidenna who endowed as a man has numerous ladies at his beck and call;his next single will be out soon and it is definitely going to be a party banger.

link http://pulse.ng/gist/you-know-im-just-joking-by-ayomide-tayo-brother-jidenna-is-a-,19 sept 2016


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