“I’ve forgiven Oscar Pistorius”-Reeva Steenkamp’s mother

Reeva Steenkamp’s mother says she has forgiven Oscar Pistorius,,However, she still wants to know the truth..She told Hello Magazine

“I don’t hate Oscar. I’ve forgiven him. I have to, that’s my religion. But I am determined to face him and reclaim my daughter.It’s important for him to know that I’m there, that Reeva’s mother who gave birth to her and loved her, is there for her.I feel her presence and talk to her all the time.I trust that god will prevail and justice will be done. All we want is the truth.”

Osacr has been ruled fit to stand trial after a month of psychological assessments and if guilty he could face life imprisonment for murder or 15 years for a lesser charge


Source: Brime Time – http://misspetitenigeria.blogspot.com/


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