It’s Friday, TGIF: 4 Ways To Have A Good Weekend


 Finally the weekend is here. No matter how short the two days of the weekend feel, looking forward to it always makes Friday a happy day. You get to unwind from the week’s stress, go to parties and generally do as you please. People always complain about the weekend being too short and not enough to have a good rest away from work, but I believe if you manage your weekend time very well, you should feel well rested and relaxed by Monday. Here are a few ways to achieve that.


1. Tie Up Loose Ends On Friday

Few things weigh at the back of one’s mind like an unfinished task. To properly enjoy your weekend, ensure that you do not have any pending assignments left over from Friday. If you can, finish all the necessary work on Friday, so that your mind is at rest knowing that you don’t have to take work home and use part of your weekend for work. If you inevitably have to work some part of the weekend, maximize that work time so that you can be done in good time. Stay away from distractions that will make your work drag on and on.

2. Get Enough Sleep

According to WebMD, the average adult needs between 6-8 hours of sleep every day. If you usually have a long commute to and from work during the week, sleeping for that long may just be a fantasy to you. You have a chance to rectify that during the weekend. Get as much sleep as you can, so that you can recharge your energy for the coming week. Go to bed early, wake up late if possible, and take as many naps as you can. This will give your body the chance to relax. The weekend is not the time to stay up all night on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram claiming insomnia, as such habits disrupt your sleep and ultimately affect your health.

3. Do Something Fun

If your week is already occupied by work or school, weekend is your chance to do something fun and personal. You can attend parties, stage plays, visit a museum, go to a park or to the beach, meet up with friends or check on relatives. The list is endless. Weekends are for fulfilling your social obligations and having a good time with those you love. Even if you don’t have invites to any events, create something fun for yourself that will bring lasting memories.

4. Prepare For The New Week

Mondays are inevitable, and the fun and relaxation of the weekend has to come to a pause- till next week. The best way to not be sad about the coming week is to be well prepared for it. Ensure that you have everything you need for the coming week ready, and mentally wind down from weekend mode. Organise your house and get your clothes and work bag ready. It is also a good idea to go through your work schedule for the coming week if possible, so that you are mentally and physically prepared.



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