Invasion of My Plane, Premeditated Intimidation Tactic – Atiku Insists


In a bid to rebuff the Federal Government’s claim that the invasion of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar’s plane was a routine security check, the Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has insisted that the invasion was a premeditated intimidation tactic.

Alhaji Atiku stated that about a week ago, the All Progressives Congress (APC) released an official statement accusing him of having strategic meetings for the purpose of moving “illicit cash” into Nigeria, upon which security agents were alleged to have been asked to investigate him.

Atiku through his campaign organization insisted that the statement evinced an obvious premeditated intention by the APC and its Federal Government to deliberately embarrass the former Vice President by invading his plane with security personnel to set him up for the crimes they had already officially accused him of.

The presidential candidate averred that the official denial by the APC and the Presidency of any hand in the ordeal of the former Vice President is put to lie, when one examines their statement which was clearly what was implemented against the former Vice President.

The Atiku Campaign organization insisted that the the statement by the aviation ministry that the search of Atiku’s plane is “routine” is an afterthought that does not hold water for the simple reason that the PDP Presidential candidate has been flying in and out of Nigeria without ever receiving such a treatment until the APC released their statement.

According to Atiku, this event raises grave concerns about using government services for purely political purposes and what this portends for the conduct of free and fair elections in February 2019, and shows as “hollow President Buhari’s promise to superintendent over credible polls.”


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