International Day for Women

A woman is a rare breed created to color the world. She is beautiful, intuitive, enterprising and above all a nurturer.
She increases what ever she has to accommodate her family, friends and neighbors. She is created different, a soul that encompasses a lot of virtue.
But society fights to belittle her, subjugate and make her inferior. She wonders aloud why this is so and she is stifled. She decides to be herself and set her own rules and she is rejected.
She conforms and to a society that has little or nothing to accommodate her.
Cultural and religious norms to mention a few have limited a lot of women who have even attained the highest educational qualifications. The cankerworm that is societal obnoxious norms has only tried to frustrate the fight for EQUALITY of the sexes.
It is debilitating to think that no matter what a person attains in life, they are still inferior and only meant for the background, oh well like the society posits.
But today’s woman has taken her destiny in her hands. She must be heard, she must speak her mind , she must participate in nation building, she must be recognized in the society for her hard work and not for the shape of her genitalia. She must be appreciated by her family. She is worth more than rubies. She contributes a whole lot to the nations GDP than the nation is willing to accept. She is an ASSET.
Although largely poor, she has decided to push to be where her mates are. The male gender, the privileged one.
Happy International Day.
Katchy Ohiaeri 2018

Katchy is a social critic who resides in the Federal Capital Territory.


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