Infant stolen by mother’s neighbour


A three-month-old baby has been stolen by a neighbour while her mother was trying to put out a sudden fire that engulfed her home in Abuja.
The infant whose name is Wonderful was in the room sleeping when her parent’s neighbour went into the house and took the baby to safety.
The baby’s mother was too nervous to think of anything else other than putting out the fire in her home.
However, after the fire had been put out, she reached out to get her baby but her neighbour who has been named as Melody had taken the three months baby away.
The incident was reported to the Nigerian police at Abacha barracks and they are currently looking into it.
Heartbroken parents of Wonderful are calling on Nigerians to look out for any young girl within the age of 23-25 trying to leave Abuja or the country with an infant.
Pictures of Melody has been posted around Facebook to help Nigerian citizens identify her if found.
The issue of stolen children is going viral in Nigeria. Last month a baby factory where children are sold for exorbitant amount was closed down in Imo State.



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