In real life, I am not a child- Osita Iheme cries out


The pint-sized actor, Osita Iheme popularly known as “pawpaw” has bemoaned his continued misinterpretation as a child by Nigerians following his chosen child-like roles in nollywood.

Osita stated that although, the first impression of anybody who meets him is that of a child, his dressing and a closer observation ought to have served as correction tools to such notion.

He didn’t end it there, he went miles describing anybody who sees him as a child as “not with his senses”.

His words: “If you are a child in a drama, in real life you are not a child. You don’t need to behave like a child. Yes, a lot of people mistake me for a child in real life, but that is their problem. I am not a child. I don’t think I look like a child. I don’t allow that to bother me because I am not seeing it.

 “People can see me and take me as a child, but that person is not with his senses because from the way I dress, the way I look, I don’t think I am looking like a child. People can meet me at first and have a spontaneous reaction of seeing a child but when they sit down and look very well, they would understand that I am not a child.”

But is Osita Iheme really a child? Remember, the comic actor has recently told Nigerians he is seriously searching for a life partner. Not only that,  Osita who has invested so  much in real estate, is also said to be admired by countless Nigerian girls. The comedian has also been reportedly sported in different striping clubs, where adults, not children were allowed in.

If “Pawpaw” as he is fondly called is a child, then he has become the first Nigerian child to desire a life partner. He would also emerge the first Nigerian child to be sported in striping clubs, invest in real estate and be admired by lots of Nigerian girls; but not marriage ripped-Pawpaw.


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