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It was told concerning Smith Wigglesworth that a passenger in a flight he boarded came under the conviction of the Holy Spirit to give her life to Jesus on sighting him. she saw him and knew that something is not right with her life. No preaching, No spiritual razzmatazz! but a soul was won. Many a time, I cannot help but wonder if there is anything wrong with the Christianity of our time. What’s the problem with us? did we not receive the fullness of the Spirit like them? why are we so ineffective in bringing people to Christ? we are not even sure of our stand…

The issue is that no sooner than unbelievers come around us, they notice this innate but salient conflict in us to be like them and do the things they do as against the godly life we profess. we communicate to them without words, that we want to have girlfriends, that we want to fornicate, that we want to party and drink, that we do like to dress like them. The interest, the comfort, the passion within tell them more than the pretending frown or nonchalance on our faces as they gist us of their escapades. we give them the impression that if not that people now know us as Christians, we would love to do those things. Not long, they begin to see us as people in bondage, who are not being real.

They hand around us and they cannot see the resolute,staunch, unyielding, stubborn, unbendable, determined, definite, unwavering, steadfast, tenacious, persevering, purposeful decision to follow Jesus because it is not there. They cannot see the excitement in us about the life we are living.

This is so because many of us are in Christ but we have no idea why we are in Him. we have not laid hold of that for which God called us. we have been passive and not active…

There is a spirit that people should encounter when they come around you that convicts them. Brokenness makes this possible..broken by the word and by the discipline of the holy spirit..

Yours in labour
Emeka Agwu


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