In Death…..


In death you find Life..

After birth is when you start to die

With good health you’d think you’ve found rest

But after life’s numerous tests start to watch your life pass by.


In hell you’ll hear so many cries..

After here all there is left is the Shine-the Glory of After-life.

In heaven you’ll hear beautiful sounds…so different from those you heard before you died.

On earth you stand on the ground,

But beneath the sands of the land is what holds the earth to stand.


Now closely watch humankind as they hastily make moves just to beat the end of Time…

But as a man hurries to dine so does his meal finishes without a smile;

So take your time to ride…imagine this big world yet so small.

Through the storm before dawn you’ll find the strength to be strong.

For at the end-all there is to be learnt is….All is Well..

So never be scared of the reaper when he appears;

For you are stronger than him;even the Angels can tell.



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