Immigration: Trump to clamp down on Nigeria and other African Countries

The Trump administration is taking measures to impose travel restrictions on countries whose citizens overstay their short-term visitor visa

Several African countries whose nationals have high rates of overstaying their visas, including Nigeria, Chad, Eritrea, Liberia and Sierra Leone will be at the receiving end if the measure is seen through.

According to Hogan Gidley, a White House Spokesman, in an interview with World Street Journal (WSJ) said, “The Trump administration wants “to reduce overstay rates for visas and the visa waiver program — and it’s well known that the administration is working to ensure faithful implementation of immigration welfare rules to protect American taxpayers”.

He added that as part of the new rule, the US would tell the countries’ governments that if rates don’t reverse, then the future visas could be shorter or harder to get.

WSJ also reports that the White House is looking to tighten rules around student and investor visas

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