I’m not as rich as Don Jazzy – says Atiku


Former Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar, became a focal point and object of discussion on the Nigerian social media, when last weekend he declared via his tweeter that he is not as rich as Don Jazzy- Nigeria’s famous music producer, singer and songwriter.

Atiku was responding to a tweet by Dahiru Mustapha, via   @ZizouQA, where Atiku had been asked why he had not been giving out recharge cards on the social network as Don Jazzy does.

The tweets from Dahiru reads: “Why can’t @atiku share recharge cards like @donjazzy?,’’

Like a joke, Atiku replied Dahiru: “But I’m not as rich as Don Jazzy #smile.’’

The message which quickly spread across social media caught Don Jazzy’s attention, and he inquired to ascertain if indeed, the response credited to the former vice president was true.

He sent a confirmation message to one of Atiku’s daughters and tweeter handlers, Meena Abu.

He asked: “Hello @MeenaAbu is this really daddy’s (Atiku’s) account? Abeg hail him for me o. Tell him to ignore dis kids on my Twitter handle o. lol.’’

Meena Abu replied saying, “@atiku is daddy’s Twitter handle. @Donjazzy.’’

It was here that Don Jazzy then tweeted, “Ahhhh, good afternoon, sir! These children will not koba me o. If I get half of baba Atiku’s money, you think say I go still dey holla Eminado Eminado. hissss. I go need another session of #MakeOverbyGod oo.’’




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