If you sack me, I will stay in England and go to another club-Mourinho


The charismatic Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has said that he will remain in England to manage a rival club if he is sacked.

The Portuguese made this statement at a gala dinner at London Savoy Hotel where he received an award from England’s Football Writers’ Association.

He also said that the happiness that England brings compelled him to accept the Chelsea offer.

“The Special One” said, “I sat down with my wife and family, and said, ‘where is the best place for us? Where can we be happier as a family? To be happy as a manager and enjoy more the family and life socially?”

He continued, “We decided England, after that, for the situation to be perfect it would be Chelsea and I as lucky because the door was open for me”.

The irrepressible manager also said that he liked Chelsea, but will manage a rival club if he is fired.

“I love this Chelsea football club, which has been the only club to have ever sacked me…I belong to Chelsea, Chelsea belongs to me and hopefully we will stay for many, many years. It is not a threat, but if you sack me, I will stay in England and go to another club, a possible rival”.


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