Disabled Labourer

Idris Addulrahim- The Story of a Disabled Labourer

Idris Addulrahim- The Story of a Disabled Labourer

When one thinks of ability in disability – Idris Abdulrahim easily comes to mind. Industrious Physically Challenged Disabled Labourer Thrives in Dan-Hawakin, Kawo, Kaduna State. In fact, he has despite his challenge remained resolute and determined in his quest to defile the odds against him. Idris, a father of three who is approximately 41 years old, experienced a motor accident in 1997 when he was around fifteen years old. As a result, doctors had to amputate his right leg to save his life. At the time of the accident he was an apprentice mechanic.

Many challenged persons like Idris would have lost hope and confided themselves to the place of begging or resentment and or despair. But his challenges in life did not deter him from striving to make both ends meet; hence, he decided to take up any menial job that comes his way.

This reporter spotted Idris at the city center on May 15, where he was seen digging a long line of trenches along the famous Yakubu Gowon Way in Kaduna. The purpose of these trenches was to lay out cables for a telecommunication firm. Idris has been involved in this type of manual labor for approximately five years, and he supports his amputated leg with one of his crutches while working. When asked about his situation, he shared, “I had an accident in 1997, and they amputated my leg. Instead of staying in one place and resign to fate, it is better for me to find something no matter how small and do. There is dignity in labour”, he said.

Idris’ wife is unemployed, his children are in school and it is becoming very difficult to pay their school fees and see them through education. He has a National Examination Council (NECO) certificate and is willing to be engaged as a civil servant or set up for business.

The life of Idris though very tough is a reminder that we have to keep; keeping on no matter the situation. Idris deserves the compassion of the society and needs the assistance of government, spirited individuals and non-governmental organizations for life to be meaningful.

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