‘I would never get a breast implant,’ Nollywood actress says


Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie, has refuted claims that she recently got breast implants after confessing to the act. In a report by The Punch, Okorie revealed that she was merely fooling around with her colleagues on set and shared a picture on her Instagram account with the caption that she just got breast implants.

Speaking on the rumour, Okorie noted that she’s a complete woman and would neither increase the size of her boobs nor her buttocks.

In her words, “Don’t mind rumour mongers. What breast implants? I was the one that posted a picture on my social media page one day while I was playing on set. I play a lot and one day while we were on set, someone brought some balloons to the set.

‘I blew the balloon and put it in my shirt and posted the picture on instagram. In the caption, I wrote that I just had a breast implant and I asked what my fans felt about it. I was only playing on set. A lot of people began to comment calling me a crazy girl.

‘That was what I did. I did not have any breast implant. They knew I was joking but they just wanted to talk. I am fine the way God made me. I am a complete woman and I can never do breast or bum implants,‘ she disclosed.

Culled from: http://pulse.ng/celebrities/angela-okorie-i-would-never-get-a-breast-implant-nollywood-actress-says-id4204086.html


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