I work even when asleep, my legs jerk like a Jellyfish – Abuja ‘Dancing Bee’ Traffic Warden


It’s important to do the best you can with every task you are assigned.  No matter what you are doing or where you find yourself, be committed, even when it feels like no one is watching.

This is the case of the VIO Officer, Gbenga Titus Olademiji JP, whose dedication to duty has earned him a number of prestigious awards and benefits. He works with so much passion that has become almost impossible to not notice him.

Mr Gbenga is that joyful dancing warden that controls traffic, whom you may have come across along Gwarimpa/Life Camp roundabout, Abuja.

He gets to his duty post by 5am and leaves by 11am when he has rounded up controlling traffic. No matter the circumstance, he shows up at his duty post; whether it’s raining or awfully sunny. He performs his duty until he is done for the day. His peculiar dance moves and popular phrase “Bumper to bumper, keep moving” is what most people look forward to every morning while driving through the roundabout. His display thrills passersby who cheer him as he controls traffic.

In an interview with the News Chronicle, he revealed that what motivates him is the passion he has to serve humanity. “Anywhere there is hold up take me there, I will clear it. I don’t like to see hold up anywhere, that is why I am here. I also love my job because I get to make people smile and laugh. At least when they see me they get to smile and forget their worries for a while.” He stated.

He has had many life-changing encounters on his job. “I have met so many people that I had never known before on this job. One day a lady stopped by my post and collected my card, she gave me a call afterward and requested that I should go to the Conference Centre. When I went I was given a ticket to go to Jerusalem and now I am a Jerusalem pilgrim.” He added.

His commitment to work has earned him the National Productivity Order of Merit Award, Rotary Club Service Award, and Community Service Personality Service of the Year Award, among others.

“I don’t make excuses; I always show up at work. I never call-in sick, what am I staying at home for? Day in day out I am always at work. Sometimes when I am asleep, my legs use to shake like jellyfish as if I’m still on duty.”

“Always be happy wherever you are, do your best and leave the rest. People are dying every day but we are here, so why shouldn’t we be happy? Even if you don’t have any money be happy, that’s my principle.”

He encourages everyone to do their best where ever they are working and that they should not do it just for the money but because it’s their responsibility. He also advises motorist to cooperate with VIO officers, emphasizing that VIO Officers are not wicked as people always rumour,  but are only trying to do their job by arresting vehicles that are not roadworthy and reckless drivers.


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