I practice for eight hours daily, especially when am in a good mood… -Chibel

In this interview, Abuja’s fastest rising sensation Chibel, talks about her love for music and humanity.

TNC: kindly tell us and your fans out there more about yourself even though we’ve seen you on TV couple of times.

Chibel: my name is Love Chinazaekpere Benjamin; stage name Chibel.

TNC: How long have you been singing?

Chibel: I have been singing for four years although it’s been in me all my life.

TNC: What genre of music are you into?

Chibel: am into Afro pop.

TNC: What instruments do you play?

Chibel: I play drums, keyboard and piano.

TNC:  you come from a musical family background?

Chibel: Not really

TNC: Which famous musicians do you admire?

Chibel: I admire Yemi Alade, Flavor; Celine Dion also is my role mode as her music speaks to the soul.

TNC: How long do you practice daily?

Chibel: I practice for eight hours daily, especially when am in a good mood.

TNC: How do you balance and manage your music with other obligations of yours?

Chibel: Since I love music and it’s the passion of my life I don’t find it difficult to combine with other daily activities of mine. I juggle them both; you what I mean?

TNC: How many music competitions have you been to?

Chibel: I haven’t been to any national or international music competition aside church competitions and the experience wasn’t bad; I met people with big dreams and wonderful voices whose aspirations is an inspiration to the youths.

TNC: Do you perform in shows and occasions?

Chibel: Yes I do

TNC: Do you get nervous before a performance or competition

Chibel: No, I don’t

TNC: Who is your mentor in the music industry?

Chibel: I learn a lot from flavor, Yemi Alade and Phyno.

TNC:  How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

Chibel: I just smile and make sure I don’t repeat the mistake again in the nearest future.

TNC: Do you have any regrets so far?

Chibel: No

TNC: Aside music, what else do you do

Chibel: Am a fitness instructor, that’s what I do now, also aside music I could be anything that I want to be; it’s up to us to dream: and it will be.

TNC: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Chibel: At the top, winning Grammies

TNC: Three music artist you would like to collaborate with

Chibel: Yemi alade, flavor to mention a few.

TNC: Is the Nigerian music industry encouraging

Chibel: Yes it brings out the best in you

TNC: What’s your advice for upcoming artists?

Chibel: They should work hard because it takes a lot to get to the top and still maintain it

TNC: Message to your fans

Chibel: I love my fans; I love you all and I won’t let you guys down



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