I never cheated on 9ice – ex-wife

Toni Payne, the ex-wife of Nigerian singer 9ice has spoken out after four years regarding the demise of her marriage to the hit maker.

Toni wrote on her blog regarding the rumour that she cheated on 9ice.

It is widely believed that Toni’s infidelity led to the break up.

Here is what she said:

To those who still believe I cheated on my ex. I am sorry to disappoint you, I never cheated on my ex hubby. It is not who I am, it will never be who I am. Tell yourself I million times, Toni Payne cheated, it will never make it true. Nobody caught me in any lie, or in any bad situation, nobody slept with anyone he was close to. Yall need to put a full stop to that bullshit. It’s old!

Sometimes, men want their freedom, and the fact is you can’t force them to stay. The same goes for women. Everyone won’t have a perfect relationship, not everyone will stay married forever, we can only aspire to. Even those that have been married 10 years and are busy judging others, do you know your tomorrow? Naaaa sure you don’t so curb it abeg. We can only pray, work and hope for a good union.

I guess that settles it!

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