I love but…


You’re not meant to change the person you love, right? Wrong. Here are a few real-life examples of the habits or quirks people would change in an instant… I know it’s good to be sensible with money, especially in this day and age and terrible economic climate. But my girlfriend takes it to a whole new level. Every time we go to the supermarket, she works out which brand is cheapest, even if it’s only by a matter of 3p. I’m not saying I want to throw money away, and of course, in the long run, her attitude will – literally – pay off. If I could change this extreme penny-pinching though, I definitely would. Jimmy, 34

This sounds really bad, but I wish I could make my boyfriend better at sport. It’s silly really, I always used to date rugby and football boys and I hated how laddy they could be, and how much time they spent with their respective teams. But now, I’m dating a lovely sensitive musician who couldn’t hit a ball if it smacked him in the face, and I slightly resent him for not being more manly… Laura, 19

Every time we go on holiday somewhere – or even just have a day out to a different UK city – my girlfriend decides she has to pick up the local accent. When she first did it, I thought it was quite cute and funny. Four years – and about forty different accents – later, and it drives me mad! I tell her it seems a bit rude and patronising to everyone listening, but she doesn’t even seem to realise she’s doing it – I wish she would, and I wish she’d stop! Ben, 27

My boyfriend has this infuriating habit of interrupting me and other people mid-flow of conversation- he even does it when someone’s telling a joke, jumping in with the punchline before they can say it themselves. What irritates me about it most though is I’ve noticed that I’ve picked up the habit a bit too! Argh! I need to change both of us! Soph, 28

My partner has this galling knack of passing off something I’ve told him as new knowledge, taking a hugely superior attitude while he does it. For example, he’ll tell me something about my hometown – that obviously I’ve told him! – but will still go through and explain it to me like it’s something I would never have known. However much I tell him I already knew it, he just jokes that I’m jealous he’s so clever – I love him, but I’d love him even more if he stopped doing that! Ali, 31

I’m a really light sleeper, but my boyfriend can sleep anywhere, at any time. Because of this super-power, he often chooses to set the alarm really early because he knows he can hit the snooze button and get straight back to sleep. Over the weekend is when it’s worse, when he’ll wake me up super early to chat and have a cup of tea, but after half an hour he’ll be back in the land of nod, while I’ll be lying there wide awake. I’d like to swap our sleeping patterns and show him how annoying it is! Jenny, 24

It’s a bit superficial, but I massively want to change my girlfriend’s fashion sense. I know it’s normally the other way round – the girl changing the boy’s clothes – but she just has no sense of what looks good! She’s so beautiful, but she only ever wears really old jumpers and non-fitting jeans from charity shops. I don’t suddenly want her to become image-obsessed because that isn’t who she is, but I would appreciate a slightly more figure-hugging outfit from time to time… Andy, 29

My partner is hugely intelligent and that’s one of the reasons I love him, but I do wish he would sometimes be a bit less clever. I love watching silly reality TV shows at the end of a long day at work. I don’t think they’re culturally life-changing, but I do think they let my brain switch off for a moment. My boyfriend, on the other hand, does nothing but talk over them, saying how empty they are and how he’d rather be watching the news. Well go and watch the news on another TV then! Argh!! Hanna, 23


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