I hate poverty, seeing me in a private jet shouldn’t be a big deal – Okorocha


Rochas Okorocha, the Governor of Imo State, has affirmed that there is no big deal for a government official to fly private jet.

Speaking with SaharaTV on Saturday, Okocorcha said he hated poverty and injustice, adding that anyone criticizing private jet owner was poor.

He also addressed issues of political factions in the National Assembly (NASS), the presidential and gubernatorial elections in the South-East.

Speaking about the current economic state of Nigeria, and whether Governors across the country were responsible, Okorocha blamed former President Jonathan for leaving a “virtually empty” treasury for Buhari’s administration.

Okorocha also pointed out that the past government managed Federal funds poorly.

Governor Okorocha said “if Buhari used the word ‘near empty treasury,’ I think he is being kind with the word. I think what we have is a complete lack of money in the country”.

Okorocha also addressed speculations that Governors of Nigeria embezzled a lot of the funds that were left from the past administration.

“I’m sure that you are not aware that Federal government takes 54 percent of (the budget) and State government takes 24 percent of that money. How much comes to State government?”

On why he’s been seen travelling around with his private jet even though there were rumors that he sold it, Okorocha responded by saying “that should not affect my private life. I hate poverty, I hate injustice. So seeing me in a private jet shouldn’t be a big deal.”

Explaining why the APC did woefully in the South-East region during the Presidential elections, governor Okorocha said, “What we saw in the South-East was not an election, it was impunity. People say APC is not in the South-East, and that is not true. APC is strong in the South East. APC is strong.

“We were literally at war with the military and the police and they were able to stop them from writing results. They could not rig the 7.3 million. If they had rigged the 7.3 million in the election, Buhari will not have been President.”

Governor Okorocha also took a soft bite on President Buhari over his ability to mediate in the war between APC politicians in the NASS.

 “If you watch President Buhari, he is not really bringing himself or imposing anything. His neutrality is the cause of what you see today. The President has said that the National Assembly should take whoever they want as leaders, and at a particular point, the Party felt that the principles of zoning and equity should now begin here (at the National Assembly) so that everyone feels part of the nation,” Okorocha said.

Dailypost – culled from http://dailypost.ng/2015/06/28/i-hate-poverty-seeing-me-in-a-private-jet-shouldnt-be-a-big-deal-okorocha/


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