I had Dreams too but Fate brought me here – Abuja Fruit Seller

A fruit seller, Mallam Abubakar Abdullahi, who started his business 9
years ago with about N10,000 in Abuja is proud that he can now
conveniently feed his family as it has grown over the years.

Mallam Abdullahi who has his business at the Area 11 area of Garki,
Abuja said he started his business in 2009 adding that it takes patience
to grow in business. Like a planted seed, it needs to be watered and
nurtured to maturity and high yields. He noted that fate always have a
way of twisting things around for man though he may have his own
ambitions while growing up.

He added that he had moved from different locations before finally
mounting his table of goods at Area 11 in Abuja. He said that his
business has grown with time and now he is able to sustain his family
with what he makes from this business.

Speaking with The News Chronicle in Abuja, Abdullahi who has an employee
said he could now take N50,000 to the market but it would seem as if he
didn’t go with such amount because what he would buy may seem

“I started this business about 9 years ago with N10,000 only. The amount
was more valuable that time; I was able to purchase a few things I
needed to start my business but now even N50,000 will not buy all that I
need for my business.”

According to him, he buys a carton of green apples at N13,000 while
that of green apples costs N18,000.

He revealed that although he is facing challenges because there are
times that he has to be patient with some customers who may be arrogant
or disrespectful and also times where he has to be tactical in dealing
with debtors, he remains hopeful because he believes every occupation
has its challenges.
“I had dreams when I was growing up, just like every other human being,
but sometimes one doesn’t turn out to be who he had desired to be, but
this is sustaining me and my family well. I don’t have any other thing
going on for me apart from this fruit business and I hope that it
continues to grow,” he expressed.
He however expressed satisfaction in the trade saying he enjoys it and
gratitude to God for elevating his business from a little beginning to
where it is today.

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  1. Usman October 19, 2018 at 9:49 am

    May Allah bless your hustle

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