I am ready to quit politics after my tenure – Obi




Anambra state Governor, Mr. Peter Obi yesterday, said he would quit politics after his tenure as Governor of the state.

Mr. Obi who is also the chairman, South- East Governors´ Forum made the remarks during a thanksgiving service and award ceremony to mark the end of the second session of the 15th Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Enugu at St. Bartholomew Anglican church Asata, Enugu.

Governor Obi who frowned at the corruption and avarice pervading the Nigerian political air-space wondered why Nigerian politicians should be in a race among themselves to loot and squander all the resources of the country. He also prayed that God should give Anambra state another Peter Obi who would lead them after the expiration of his tenure.

His words: “For me, I have come to the end of it; I want to quit and rest. However, I have been praying to God that for the sake of the good people of Anambra State, please give them somebody like Peter Obi.”

“The level of greed in Nigeria is overwhelming, where people cannot see the sufferings of other people; they are just accumulating wealth. For me, it is time to go.”

He also disclosed that the state prior to his emergence as Governor  had lavishly employed and wasted over N15million in its Abuja office on 70 workers,  whose responsibilities were merely to welcome incumbent governors from their trips abroad.

The Governor who questioned the rationale behind such frivolity, said he never, as the state Governor bought a car nor celebrated his children`s birthday.


  1. Any Governor who have notin for Nigerians should advise himself and quit than staying in office with notin to deliver.

  2. That you have not bought a car or celebrated your children’s birthday is not enough evidence that you have nt…………. Ok!

  3. Mr Peter Obi, haba!!!! beating your won drum, don’t try to fool them, that shooping malls in Abuja, factories in Onitsha, how do you want us to believe that Anambra state fund was not in it? just tell us that you want to be wiser than other fellow thieves, that you know when to quit and enjoy what you have acquired for your many generations to come. this is why you people make me sick, very sickkkkkk………………………..


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