How to Part With a Girl and Not Break Her Heart

Upset Woman

Several strategies for a smooth ending of the relationship from Ph.D. Paul Hawkmeier, a licensed family therapist. But remember that not all are suitable for some instructions in such personal matters as parting. Listen to your heart – it’s the best counselor. And remember that mutual respect is one of those things that make us human. The way you part with your girlfriend can greatly affect the future relationship for which you are making a sacrifice.


Tell the Truth

Do not tell her: “You have nothing to do with it.” Of course, she has to do with it! If it was not so, you would still be together. The best thing you can do is being absolutely honest. No, this is not a license for harmfulness, you just cannot lie. If everyone listened to this advice, there would be fewer false hopes in the world, which means fewer tears. If your decision to part with the girl is strong – do not tell her fairy tales. It’s stupid, cruel and unworthy of a man.


Keep the Distance

 Immediately after parting, do not respond to her letters and calls, deny meetings – this is normal. Also, do not forget to take her off in social networks. She will look for confirmation or signals that you can still rejoin. Make sure she does not receive any such signal from you. Most likely, you will be tormented by conscience. This is normal. But your suffering is nothing compared to what she will experience when empty hopes of reunification will not justify.

Do Not Cut Your Tail in Pieces

Sometimes, the couple agrees to “take a break” – although the initiator of the “break” knows for sure that he or she wants to leave, you are simply afraid of a scandal. This only prolongs the suffering – including the one who is thrown away. So this is the end. Tell her about that with confidence. It hurts, but she is stronger than you think, she’ll manage with it.


In Addition

We would not want our article to be so sad. Therefore, we remind: a new beginning follows after each parting. Once you move on, you might think of marrying a Russian woman. We devote a small guide to it.


First date: How to Increase the Chances of Re-Meeting


Find Her on the Internet

The survey showed that couples who have met on the Web go on a second date 78% more often than couples who were brought down by friends. According to the expert and author of the book Anatomy of Love Helen Fisher, this is due to the fact that when searching on the Internet, people are more serious about choosing a partner. If you meet beautiful Russian women for dating online, you boost the odds of having more than one date.

Invite Her for a Dinner

Yes, this is trivial, but it doubles your chances of seeing her again in comparison with more creative options, such as a walk or a trip to the museum. According to Fisher, a casual conversation over a meal is ideal to get to know each other better. You will focus on the conversation, not on what is happening around. “Eye contact, the sound of a voice, a smile, the way she listens to you, all this will help you understand who she is,” says Fisher. So, if you date Russian girl online, ask her out to a restaurant.

Go to the Sushi Bar

The results of the survey showed that the Japanese restaurant increases the chances for a second date as much as 170%, compared to traditional cuisine. The researchers were so surprised by this that they tried to get to the bottom of the probable causes. “Omega-3 fatty acids in fish contribute to blood circulation and mental alertness,” says Fischer. – The algae contain iodine, which increases the level of testosterone and excites. Wasabi increases the pulse and can make you blush. ” In general, you will both feel emotionally excited. In addition, people often try sushi rolls of each other, and this brings together.


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