How to Look Professional In Jeans


GONE are the days when wearing jeans to an office environment or a business meeting was considered inappropriate. These days, most corporate establishments have relaxed the rules, especially on days like Fridays and holidays, to enable staff dress down as opposed to wearing a complete suit.

Most of us wear jeans on a regular basis but do we know how to wear them to official functions without looking underdressed or a slob? When wearing jeans in such instances, here are some basic rules to follow that would give you that professional look and ensure that you still stay as stylish as possible.

. The Darker the Better- Dark coloured jeans would always win over stone washed/light blue jeans any day. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t make you look too casual, it lends an edge to your appearance and prevents you from looking like you didn’t make any efforts with your dressing.

. Heels- You can never go wrong with a good pair of heels as they instantly take your dressing from zero to hundred really quickly. Stay away from flats and covered shoes as much as possible as they tend to make you look casual.

. Blazer: This is an obvious necessity and speaks for itself. A good blazer should be thrown over the top or shirt you are wearing. This gives you a quick and easy professional look without seeming like you are trying too hard.

. Tuck it in- It would lend credence and zest to your look if you tuck in your shirt or tank top into your jeans. Please remember to use a good belt. Besides, it gives the illusion of a flatter tummy. Who doesn’t want their tummy to look like an ironing board or at least close to one?

. Keep accessories chic and simple. You can throw in a scarf just below your blazer if you aren’t wearing any neckpiece. A clutch or simple bag would complete your look perfectly.

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