How to Have a Great Weekend


The secret to having a great weekend is preparing for it. You have to dedicate some time to plan for the weekend if you truly want to enjoy it. After a stressful week filled with work activities, the last thing you want to do is have an arid weekend.  Of course, many people work on weekends but regardless of the day, you should make out time to detach from work so that you can rejuvenate and focus when you return.

Set time limit to end work

Plan to end your Friday with a specific time limit. If I don’t set a time limit, you might just keep working and before you know it, it’s Saturday. This will guide on how to schedule the day. Once it’s time hits, wrap up as quickly as possible and call it a day.

Clear all unfinished business

Make sure you’ve tied all loosed ends at work. You may not have to finish all your work but you have to address all hanging issues. Respond to incoming emails and calls so that you can free yourself from work activities through the weekend.  My work involves writing every day. At first, it was getting the best of my weekend, because I was writing over the weekend but I changed the game. I started writing for the weekend on Friday; now I can relax at weekends.

Set out for a great meal

All foodies will agree with me on this one. Food gives one so much life and pleasure; you would really want to start the weekend by giving yourself a good treat. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy, but it should make you feel good. You may want to cook it or get it from a restaurant, which ever you prefer. It’s also great if you may wish to do this with a friend or with family.

Have some social time

Man should not live in isolation. It’s good for you to meet up with friends and catch up. Having your alone time is necessary, but it’s also good for you to have fun with others. Even if your friends are your colleagues, it’s good to spend time with each other outside the office.

Have some alone-time also

Away from work and people, the weekend is a perfect time to focus on you. You can self-reflect, exercise or do a few things you’ve been meaning to do. You should do something that makes you a better person. You want to start Monday feeling that you are stronger and more prepared to deal with the world than ever before.

Prepare for the coming week

If you’ve had a great weekend, it’s likely to reflect on you by Monday, but if you fail to plan for the week ahead, you might not have such a smooth sail. Make your list of to-dos and appointments for the following week.


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