How Drinking Water Can Improve Your Well-being


I always drink water, when I have a headache, when I’m hungry or constipated. Water is so beneficial, so easy, so free yet so easily overlooked. Our body is made up of about 70% water, the majority of your blood and every cell in your body is composed of water. Therefore, you need water to function properly.

Lack of sufficient water in your body is sometimes the reason for headaches.  If you drink enough water, you will surely receive compliments on how clear and youthful your skin is.

If your pee isn’t mostly clear or you have constant headaches from time to time, you most likely aren’t getting enough H2O. Some doctors suggest 8 (8 oz) glasses a day while some others suggest that you check your body weight (in pounds), divide it in half and drink that many ounces. Listen to what your body needs.

If drinking water doesn’t interest you because water is tasteless, then you can squeeze some lemon juice or lime. You can even be more playful and use a few sprigs of fresh mint or a cucumber or orange slice. You can even be so bold as to add a few berries or watermelon. What ever gets you to drink it. If you don’t take care of yourself who will?

Below are some reasons why drinking water is very vital.

1. Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue

Since your brain is mostly water, drinking it helps you think, focus and concentrate better and be more alert. As an added bonus, your energy levels are also boosted!

2. Promotes Weight Loss

Removes by-products of fat, reduces eating intake (by filling up your tummy if consumed prior to meals), reduces hunger, raises your metabolism and has zero calories!

3. Flushes out Toxins

Gets rid of waste through sweat and urination which reduces the risk of kidney stones and UTI’s (urinary tract infections).

4. Improves Skin Complexion

Moisturizes your skin, keeps it fresh, soft, glowing and smooth. It also eliminates wrinkles.

5. Maintains Regularity

Aids in digestion as water is essential to digest your food and prevents constipation.

6. Boosts Immune System

A water guzzler is less likely to get sick. And who wouldn’t rather feel healthy the majority of the time? Drinking plenty of water helps fight against flu, cancer and other ailments like heart attacks.

7. Natural Headache Remedy

Helps relieve and prevent headaches (migraines & back pains too!) which are commonly caused by dehydration.

8. Prevents Cramps & Sprains

Proper hydration helps keep joints lubricated and muscles more elastic so joint pain is less likely.

I have researched on how cold water is bad for the health because it closes some of the veins of the heart and this causes heart attacks. It also creates problems in the liver, It can affect internal walls of the stomach and this sometimes causes Cancer. My advice is that you stick to warm water, or at least normal temperature.

Some Japanese doctors have said that warm water will resolve the health problems within reasonable period such as:

✔ Diabetes in 30 days

✔ Blood pressure in 30 days

✔ Stomach problems in 10 days

✔ All types of Cancer in 9 months

✔ Blockage of veins in 6 months

✔ Poor appetite in 10 days

✔ Uterus and related diseases in 10 days

✔ Nose, Ear, and Throat problems in 10 days

✔ Women problems in 15 days

✔ Heart diseases in 30 days

✔ Headache/migraine in 3 days

✔ Cholesterol in 4 months

✔ Epilepsy and paralysis continuously in 9 months

✔ Asthma in 4 months


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