How do I Get my Boyfriend to Stop Setting My Nipples on Fire?


Femi may be the CEO of Sweet Boys Association; he may have the looks that can make a girl’s ovaries jump in excitement; he may know to treat a girl right; he may be successful, heck, I may be head over heels in love with him but I am tired. My nipples are tired.

It’s almost a year since Femi and I started dating. We started off as Facebook friends. We texted each other every day, talked about life, reflected on things, used the power of descriptive words to make love to each other online. It was some kind of sexy dance, teasing each other to heightened expectation until we finally met. I’d like to call whatever happened on our first meeting “Love at First Sight”.

We later met a couple of times before hitting it off as lovers. Three months down the line, we had our first official sex and that was when I realized how huge his love for boobs was. He can literary spend 10 minutes kissing and sucking my nipples. His kisses would always grow to tender bites which would leave me moaning in ecstasy. But then the more I moan the more the bites become aggressive. I usually get scared that he would bite off my nipples. And funny thing is, he thinks it’s sexy. At a point, I go from moaning to screaming but he wouldn’t stop. He thinks my scream means he is getting it right.

In the morning, I wake up with sore nipples with bruises around it. It hurts like hell that I find it difficult to wear a bra. We don’t live together so he doesn’t get to see the damage his teeth caused to my nipples.

Seriously I am tired. I get scared whenever he is about to go down on me. I love him so much but I am scared that I might wake up one day and meet my nipples on the bed staring back at me.

What should I do? How do I get my boyfriend to stop setting my nipples on fire? We will soon be celebrating our one year anniversary and this is the longest relationship I have ever had.


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