How did your husband propose to you?

Every woman dreams of a romantic setting, candle-lit dinner and on your knees setting marriage proposal. Unfortunately, due to societal norms and other factors, most African women do not experience such. This, notwithstanding, women have different experiences of how their husbands proposed marriage to them. Hersay brings some of such breaking the ice moment :

Temitope Alonge: I had my A’ levels in Ondo State and my mother was a principal of a technical college then in Ekiti State. I was in Ikare, Ondo State. I came home on holiday and there was a wedding that had guests from Ibadan, from the University College Hospital (UCH), to be precise. The lady that was getting married was in UCH so they all came. We were in the hall during their testimony night, and then somebody called “Tope”. I am Temitope and he is Temitope. So, when the person called the name, we both came out of the hall. Then we were looking at each other like, “are you Tope?” then he introduced himself as Tope. That was how we met. The following day when they were leaving, we exchanged pleasantries.

My sister then used to work in UCH. I came to UCH and he saw me. So we became friends. We were good friends and we knew we liked each other but it was just a ‘no-go area’. He had his friends and I had mine. Some years down the line, he came to Akure, since his parents live there. I was equally living in Akure as well. So, he came to my house. Before then, I knew what God was saying concerning him but he was not coming forth. Two years earlier, I went to Ibadan, he told he was coming to Akure and that he would see me. He never came and I got angry and I did not want to see him. I went to the fellowship that day and on my way back, my brother started saying, “sis mi, guess what?” then he told me enthusiastically that “Bro Tope” was around. He has heard a lot about him from me. Immediately I saw him, I said, “Tope Alonge, what are you doing in my house?”. Then we got talking and he said he would love us to come together. I told him that it was too late as I was involved with someone else. So, I saw him off.

Then the following morning, I was very sick because I had dysmenorrhea. My parents were not around and my brother was leaving for school. My brother decided to call” Bro Tope” before he went to school because he found that he was living a street away. He bought drugs and took care of me. We started talking again and he made his proposal again and I told him I would think about it. I knew what was to happen, so there was nothing to think about really; but I wanted him to know that I wouldn’t just jump up because he has proposed to me. So, I told him I would think about it. He did not allow me to rest as he kept calling. There was no GSM then but there was landline. I finally said ‘yes’.

Rev Omowumi Popoola: We were both at the University of Lagos and were both members of the famous Lagos Varsity Christian Union( LVCU). We also happened to be in the same serving unit of the Children Evangelism Unit. With the LVCU union we always had things doing in common. We are acquaintances. On a fateful day, he asked me out, it was at a point on the outing, he just told me ‘I love you and I will like to have your hand in marriage and that was all.’

Mrs Angela Teslim Folarin: I received a very traditionally African proposal from my husband. There were no roses, champagne or bended knees. He just told me and all our friends on the day that we met, that he was going to marry me whether I liked it or not! And, truly a few months later, after all my shakara had been exhausted, and he had worn me out with his honesty, strength and maturity, I decided to say yes. So, it wasn’t the most romantic of proposals, just a very practical one.

Chief Colling-Jean Aremu: My husband proposed to me through romantic poems. He later showed me lovely replies from letters he had written to his family about me. I fell flat for him, I couldn’t refuse his proposal.

Chief Bukola Ogunjobi: We met at the National Sports Commission. He was there as a youth corps member, while I was working there as a staff. My husband who I call ‘my twin’ is level headed, God fearing and could go to the extreme when it comes to pleasing people. When he proposed marriage, I saw a future in him, though he was a footballer.

Aina Ojiauwuna: We have been dating for over three years and when I was on sick bed, he came to see me at the hospital. He said I should please, live for him by asking me to marry him and I accepted.

Mrs Oluwatoyin Smith: We were very good friends before we started a relationship. He asked me like we were playing just like we used to do. I accepted without any delay. It has been a smooth sail since then.

Taye Maurice: I cannot forget the day my husband proposed marriage to me. It was a wonderful day with beautiful memories, it was almost magical.

It was my birthday and he called earlier to inform me that he was bringing a special gift for me. When he came, I asked for my gift, he said it was in the car, I made to go out and see the gift. As soon as I turned my back, he held me and asked me to close my eyes.

When I assured him my eyes were closed, he turned me around and asked me to open my eyes. I did and saw him holding a ring, “Please, be my wife”, he said, I screamed and said, “Yes, I will”.

Maryam Arowosomo: I wasn’t expecting any surprise the day he proposed marriage to me. We were out together, we were talking and playing, with one of his friends in attendance. He stopped talking and said, “Maryam, please, marry me. I accepted without delay.

Joke Ajiboye: He came to get some things in my office and two weeks after, he asked me out. He did not mince words as he told me instantly that he wanted to marry me and I had no choice because he was so sweet.

Funke Balogun: I was in Lagos while my husband was in Ibadan. So, we talked over it on phone and I told him it was not a phone discussion and we had to see face to face. So, he came over to my place in Lagos. He said God told him I was going to be his wife. He told me to pray. After some months, I gave him my answer. I had actually had a foreknowledge that he was going to be my husband, but I told him to wait for some time to fulfill all righteousness.

Itoya Okunade: We have actually been friends because he was the youth president in my church at the time. On the very day he proposed, he came to my place and he said he wanted me to go and pray because God was telling him something that I would be his wife. He asked me to go and pray about it…I took this as a proposal. Of course, he did not allow me rest. After some weeks, I gave him my answer.

Amaka Ukpabi: We knew each other since 2003 when he visited our church; but then we were just church members. Later, he left for Ibadan. Four years later, he called and told me what he had been nursing for a long time. He said “’if God wills, I will love to live with you forever.” I asked him what he intended by the statement, but he kept mute. After one year, he called and said “I love you and I want to marry you. Will you be my wife?” Prayerfully afterwards, I said ‘yes’.

Abiola Olabisi: We met at a friend’s place and exchanged contacts. On Easter Day that year, he came down to Lagos because he was staying in Calabar. He then took me out and proposed to me. Without hesitation, I said ‘yes’ because I love him so much.

Victoria Joseph: We met at a pastor’s house that we were both friends to. I was there to say hi to the pastor while he was there for something else. Later, the pastor called me and said the man I met in his house was with him because of me. I was surprised and confused. Then, the pastor told me to go to God in prayer and hear from Him. So, I took that as a proposal.

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