How Anita Akapson was killed by policeman in Abuja


On the night of Saturday, October 13, 2018, four persons driving a Mazda
car, trailed, targeted, intercepted, brushed and blocked the vehicle
being driven by the late Anita after which one of the occupants of the
vehicle came out to shoot at the rear tyre of her vehicle and shot her
at close range.
This fellow who was later identified as a Superintendent of Police shot
into the air to disperse crowd, but when his bullet got expended, he
immediately brought out his identity card to identify himself as a
Police officer.
Late Anita, a 31 year old lady who recently returned from the United
Kingdom on the completion of her studies to render her services to her
country, died the same night at Gwarimpa Hospital due to injuries
sustained from the gunshot.
According to Kayode Ajulo, counsel to the family of Nenadi Usman, former
Minister of finance who had taken the role of a mother for Late Anita
affirmed that she was murdered sitting inside her car as she was shot
through the driver’s side door.
“It is important that we do not obscure the heinous crime by putting to
fore that the deceased is a daughter of Mrs. Nenadi Usman, former
Minister of Finance, rather, the spotlight should be centered on the
fact that it has become a near-norm by those paid to protect Nigerians
to kill them at the slightest opportunity”, he said in Abuja.
He added that what the situation portends is that we are all not safe
because officers of the Nigerian police can murder any one of us, our
relatives and friends at the slightest pretext that there was an
altercation even when there was none as in the case of Ms. Anita
“While we appreciate the fact that the Inspector General of Police has
ordered the detention and investigation of the officers involved in the
killing of Ms. Anita Akapson, we demand to know the identity of the
“My Take: Police must show us the demented police officer who killed
Anita and bring him and his accomplices to book. Let’s all insist on
#justice4Anita”, he said.


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