He proposes marriage: Problem is that I am his maid and six years older than him



Dear Auntie Dora,

My name is Princess. I’m in my early 40s, a widow with a son. I lost my husband about 15yrs ago and made a vow not to remarry again with the belief that no man can ever please me like my late husband.

My mum and dad were of the opinion that I should remarry and bear more children for them since I am their only surviving child. It has not been easy but I give Glory to God.

A friend of mine invited me to her church, which I gladly honored. I was pleased with the mode of worship and decided to make her church my local church. I became a full-time member and joined the choir so as to engage myself with something during leisure time and be free from the worries of life.

I met a pastor named James, a widower blessed with three kids. He employed me to take care of the kids. I did my job diligently and soon the kids grew fond of me and treated me like their mother.

James was pleased with this and showered me and my son with lots of gifts that we were comfortable.

One Sunday afternoon, he proposed marriage to me in the presence of his kids. I had no option than to accept since I had already fallen for him. I am six years older than James and his parents have categorically refused the two of us together. Saying that, apart from being his maid, I am older than him.

We are deeply in love and really want to be together, but the parental pressure is becoming so unbearable.

Auntie Dora, I don’t know what to do. Please, I need your advice.


My dear, I will advise you to hold dear what you have come to love, if he reciprocates this gesture. Gradually, both of you will be able convince his parents and win their hearts.  




  1. My dear, God don butter ur bread! Resist every barrier on ur way to enjoying bliss for ever. God has wipe ur tears away and let no man hinder u from this joy God has given u.

  2. Please dont let him go, God has prepared the both of u to enjoy life together. Let his mother mind her business…. she has lived her life. Why is she trying to make u feel as if u re not a human being? What is this about bound and free?

  3. Since the young man and his kids love u and treats you as their own and u do same, there is no course for alarm…
    Let ur heart be free to all including his mother, joy will sure come ur way.

  4. If u really love him and u re prepare to remarry, stand firm and hold on to what u have. Refusal and rejection from his parents are only temporal bcos if wants u, he wil fight against all odds to have u.

  5. Age should not be a barrier. Once there is love, other things are secondary… My sister God has answered ur prayers. U and ur son now have a life, so live ur life to its fullness.


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