Haiti’s Prime Minister asks for admission to African Union


According to the News Agency of Nigeria, Laurent Lamothe, Haiti’s Prime Minister on Friday in Addis Ababa appealed for the amendment of the African Union Constitutive Act to allow Haiti to become a member of the 54-member organization.

The Prime Minister made this appeal at the 22nd African Union Summit where he was an invited guest. He also said that the African continent was an opportunity for Haiti, and Haiti as Africa’s gateway to the Americas.

Lamothe citing the connection between Africa and Haiti said, “Even though it is situated in the Americas, Haiti still has strong roots in Africa.”

Lamothe said that being the first independent black nation in the world, Haiti was the only independent francophone country in the Caribbean.

He added, “This is made possible after a long struggle against slavery and human oppression, and a century and half later, the torch that is lit is shinning across the entire African continent.”


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