The biosphere stands still for frontrunners who show the way in times of extreme confusion and despondency. The world waits for a leader who irrespective of whose ox is gored trail the blaze. The ecosphere, no doubt stands in awe and utmost amazement beholding solutions from leaders in a time when the candle light has gone off and extreme darkness beckons in a broad day light.

Such a leader is the proverbial ‘golden fish that has no hiding place.’ They are the ‘golden goose that lay the golden eggs.’ Leaders in this class are the sought-after representatives of their people who wear the real toga and garb as guardians of their publics, while their images cut the pictures of the true essence of governance for providing the needed way out and responsiveness governance demand.

Leaders in this mold are not only earmarked but were made when their peers were born. But they are in short supply in the continent. They are one in a million in Africa, where leaders are no longer chosen on virtues by their audiences but imposed on the people, in whose stead democracy was founded and groomed. Leaders of untainted pedigree are scarce commodities in any geography where political power is warfare; or where stooges and mediocrity are installed as leaders by their bosses.

It is for the reason above some Analysts already established Africa is doomed and fated for leadership disaster for rolling out drums to celebrate some of their Cream of the crop who are tarring roads, electrifying communities, paying salaries and providing infrastructure with our taxes – which is their constitutional responsibility.

Yet, with all these encumbrances militating against enthronement of quality leadership in this part of the world, strong and die hard seedlings surviving every climatic conditions sprout from igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks to bear fruits that would supply life to its leaves.
It is here I bring you Mr. Ayodele Fayose, the Executive and loquacious Governor of Ekiti State. The rabble rousing leader of Ekiti, who is a known controversy; a whirl wind politically and a sole voice in the opposition role the 20I5 election’s aftermath has placed him. Fayose is a branded hater of APC and everything that is associated with it, including President Muhammadu Buhari.

His revulsion for President Muhammadu Buhari, his party and governmental policies is an open book. He was the author of that popular advertorial playing host to 20I5 general elections, where the North was reminded of deaths of former leaders of the country from their region owing to ill health. He is the swipes at Buhari and everything associated with his administration any day.

But he is a devoted leader of his people as Ekiti has validated this for umpteenth times by first, electing him as a Governor in I999; and re-elected him in 20I5, against the State’s incumbent governor then, Mr. Fayemi Kayode; now Minister of Solid Minerals whom we believed had worked and needed pacification by his re- election. But that was not the reasoning among Ekiti voters.

And then, the Ekiti people went forth to shield Fayose from impeachments from the then APC dominated state’s House of Assembly as the House tried Many times to move the immovable leader, but many times were they rebuffed by the Okada riders, Barrow pushers, and many other Artisans in the state who reports described as ‘dinning and winning’ with the leader on daily bases. But I digressed as the story can be left for another day.

The thrust of this piece is on Fayose’s prompt Grazing laws, aimed at taming the rampaging headsmen across the country. Just few weeks ago, the Governor had written to the state’s House of Assembly on putting the killers of farms and its owners in the country in check by taking decisive steps.
And the Assembly responded according by criminalizing the carrying of rifles and other weapon of destruction around in Ekiti State by Headsmen.

The law specifies the areas in each Local Government where herdsmen could graze their cattle, time of such practice, while specifying the number of months anyone caught flouting the law will spend in jail – that is after paying for the cost of damages recorded in such farm anyway.

The Governor whose action is grounded on the deaths of two Ekiti indigenes in Oke-Ako some months ago is seen as a trail blazer in leading the war against the enemies of peace and harmonious co-existence of human race as they have done more than headsmen could do anywhere in the world.

While they kill from Benue state to Enugu, they rape their victims from Bauchi to Kaduna state. While their activities in Ekiti has recorded two casualties, that of Enugu state is unprecedented as the killers attempted extermination of a race in Nimbo, Uzo Uwani LGA; and dared genocide in Nkanu, all in Enugu.

The activities of these cattle rearers have drawn the ire of their host communities in Enugu and beyond since killing and beheading their unsuspecting communities. Their dastardly activity across the country has also made them the worst guests and unwanted visitor anybody would want to have any day.

While statistics has shown the Fulani headsmen as the fourth most precarious terrorist group in the world, the federal government has kept mute in taking the most decisive steps in caging the lethal terrorist group. Instead, all we hear is deployment of security men and women who regularly get outsmarted by the Fulani headsmen.

It is on the above fallouts that most Nigerians are now beginning to suggest that Governors of states here should go beyond arming vigilance groups against the unwanted cattle grazers, to adopting the Fayose strategy of prohibiting such activities, having sworn to protect their people’s lives and property during assumption of office.

It is therefore, most pertinent at this juncture to draw the attention of the Executive Governor of Enugu state, Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, whose state has been the worst hit of the Fulani viciousness since the resumption of the latest hostility and onslaught on the good people of Enugu State by the marauding headsmen.

The Governor must take a cue from his Ekiti state’s counterpart as the action to outlaw such activity is within his powers under the Land use act. He must rise to the task of safeguarding the people he pledged to protect upon assumption of office as posterity remains the true arbiter of leaders.

Gwiyi Solomon writes from Abuja.
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