Get Curvy Hips Without Gaining Weight With These Simple Steps

You know how people dream of getting curves but without the added fat attached? Well, if you’re willing to work for it, then you can certainly attain it.
If you want to get curvy hips without gaining weight, your best bet is through exercise. The truth is, it’s simply impossible to add/lose weight in only one area of your body.
It only takes a few months to achieve the desired effect and once you do, you will see that despite your slim stature, your hips and ass look curvier and sexier.
To get curvy hips without gaining weight, squats are your best friend. This is a favorite exercise for many because you will get results pretty quickly as long as you are diligent. Doing as little as 20 squats a day will lend your hips a stronger definition and more alluring appearance.
Stand in an upright position with your feet slightly apart. Bend your knees and as you do that, push your hips and butt back. It should look like you’re about to sit on a chair. Go down and ensure your weight is in your heels. Return to standing position. Do this 15 times and 3 sets daily.
These are also a good option if you’re going for curves. Start by standing upright. Put one foot forward leaving a distance of about 3 feet between both feet. Bend your knees and lower your body towards the floor. Keep your torso straight while doing this and return to your original position.
Switch your legs and go again. You can add some dumbbells to make this more effective.

Side leg lifts
This can also help you get curvy hips without gaining weight. Lie on the floor on one side. Lift your head up and rest it on your arm then place your legs on top of each other.
Raise the leg on the top as high as possible, then stop. Slowly return the legs back down. Do this 15 times on each side. You can do up to 3 sets daily.


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