Gangster Move is Silence by Obinna Uzoije


If you have been following the news, you’ll know that one foreign oil company or more have withdrawn from Nigeria. ‎How is the magic supposed to happen?

This is the debacle we owe to The Avengers of Niger Delta. You see my take on this is that, historical evidence should have schooled us in this. ‘terrorists and economic saboteurs are fathered by the same semen’. All the higgledy piggledy notwithstanding, the cost of oil per barrel was on the course of recovery. Just when the price was increasing, a group of people avenged. They reduced about 51% of the whole country’s oil production.
Now I know they are fighting for something, you can name them very well, but people that conquered nations by going through diplomacy, are they goats? Whatever be the goal, the most effective and teachable way of achieving it is diplomacy, if not, the casualties are not numerable.
That same place the pipe lines were destroyed, pollution, unemployment, fire outbreaks, death, and everything that comes with destruction is imminent. The rich funding these movements only get richer and the poor die and die away without trace. Especially, when the military come to stop them, all these poor village old men and women and children that can’t differentiate their anus from their oesophagus are the ones who kneel to the bullets of surrender. Many of them die in the clash. Knowing that this is the biggest source of revenue for the country and bombing it, doesn’t that decision look very much like terrorism? Wasn’t there another way of thinking ambidextrously and accommodating the consequences that the poor may face? Or should we also do the normal waiting, suffering and smiling, that it will get better?
Showing the people you are fighting that you have good guns and rockets is good but when you destroy even the what should give food to the poor and pay the salaries of the middle class, I don’t know, but that is what terrorists do. There are always better ways to achieve goals than violence. Or better still, fight the people you want to fight directly and leave this crude oil alone. The funds used to buy all these things can be invested in that Niger Delta. Any person funding this is misplacing priorities. If he uses it to empower the citizens in something that benefits them, something diverse and creative, he can even emerge as a force to reckon with and when he speaks up about the neglected Niger Delta, people in charge will be forced to listen.
The only thing with these our protesters is that, they have echoes, they don’t have voices. Make a good impact and you have a voice, violence is cliché. Don’t misuse funds, pollute your land and have everybody wanting the Old President to perform magic. Don’t. That’s not what we are known for. That’s not how our heroes fought for us. In fact, these acts should all be quizzed.
It is high time the Biafra created a new political party. That’s is the apt thing to do. You have many states already, what then is the whole misuse of common sense for? Invest in yourselves. Nigeria has good land force and the next thing you do is purchasing bullets and guns and weapons to match hers… really? Don’t be malcontent in your lashing outs. Look at your immediate enemies, see them in your quiet governors and thieving elites that steal you dry. Question their silence or backyard funding of your protest. Then go for justice with clean hands.
Gangster move is silence.


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