Many of the times, the writer of this paper had taken his time to consider the importance of gadgets in his life at least since his call to the bar, the periods which he considers as being of two categories: the first category being the period without gadgets and the other period as the period with the gadgets as equipment for writing. It is the second part of the categories that instigated the writing of this paper so that perhaps, Nigerian lawyers would in one way or the other find what benefits them in this paper.

First and foremost, the word ‘gadgets’ have been defined by the Webster-online dictionary as ‘an often small mechanical or electronic device with a practical use but often thought of as a novelty’. From the above definition, it is the views of the writer of this paper that laptops, android phones, ipad, etc., would form parts of examples of gadgets. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to draw the reasoning and attention of learned colleagues to the advantages and means of turning the gadgets which almost individuals possess in one way or the other due to the true facts that individuals of now-a-days have one gadget or the other, to a success tool.

Many of the times, one often finds youths in the society, inclusive of some lawyers with gadgets but such gadgets are being used for some purposes such as whatsapping, messaging, chatting, etc. without adding more values to the gadgets. Such individuals have forgotten that the society expects more from them than they imagine. It is often said that ‘readers are leaders’. But the truth is that how often do our Nigerian youths read which develops them into being the true leaders of Nigeria. Nigerian lawyers also play a greater role in the sensitization and awareness of the society with the right knowledge. However, all these are only achievable by the right thinking minds.

It must be observed that it takes a lesser cost for a Nigerian lawyer to write articles, write journals, write books, etc. which have greater contributions and impact on the society, apart from what a lawyer does for money in his legal practice. More so, a lawyer is well equipped with experiences which are enough to save a troubled society from any continuous trouble, if such advantage is made use of.

There are some persons that use gadgets but these gadgets have always or often been abused and misused. For instance, one would find some lawyers who have at least, a laptop but what do they use it for apart from their regular normal legal practice? To watch home videos\movies, rather than use these gadgets to write short or brief articles, or contribute to journal or write books on various fields of law. More so, the situation is now very impressive with gadgets. It has been observed by the writer of this paper that information sent on social-media has left the Nigerian local area but deposited in the international world. For instance, any article posted on facebook and other social-media goes directly to the international world serving a lot of purposes. More so, these gadgets enable a lawyer to be recognised by the international communities.

Furthermore, the phone and ipad too are good gadgets. Android phones now have a note taking device and an MS World and Power Point applications which an ordinary laptop performs. In the views of the writer of this paper, these devices too are a sort of success tool for lawyers, if used with their advantages.

Furthermore, one can imagine how many articles a lawyer would have written and published if he were to write an article per week and such act being persistently carried out for at least a year?! It only takes the sacrifices of time, passion, energy, etc. The writing of articles by a lawyer in the view of the writer of this paper does not amount to advertising rather it builds and empowers intellectual capacity.

Also, there are other ways that a lawyer can also make money lawfully from his good use of gadgets beyond the writing of articles, journals and law books. More so, writing majorly only requires mental and intellectual capacity.

Finally, it is the belief of the writer of this paper that the reader of this paper would think beyond this paper in considering the benefits and advantages that the gadgets could serve to lawyers and that lawyers would utilize the opportunities of the gadgets to achieve success for themselves.


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