FUTA Employs Electrophysiology in solving Health and Neurology Issues


As part of its continued ploy towards technological and scientific advancement with a bid to tackle health issues and advanced studies in Neurology, the Federal University of Technology, Akure, is taking into electrophysiology.

Electrophysiology is a branch of physiology that pertains broadly to the flow of ions (ion current) in biological tissues and, in particular, to the electrical recording techniques that enable measurement of this flow.

The recent technological advancement is premised on a new collaboration between Teaching and Research in (Neuro) Science for Development in Africa (TReND), a global Non-profit organization based in Sussex, England and FUTA.

TReND which is run entirely by volunteer scientists of Universities through the Department of Physiology, FUTA commenced the working relationship with a practical demonstration  in electrophysiology using spikeling labs to mimic neural stimulation by an official of the organization.

Dr. Jeffery Diamond, the trainer who took student of the Physiology department through n inciting session said that he was excited to be part of an organization that encourages young scientists, urging the students to apply knowledge of electrophysiology to solve health related issues and advance studies in neurology.

The United State of America’s National Institute of Health scientist, Diamond, also donated 50 spikeling labs to the Department.

The organization makes use of latest technologies and developments ranging from open source software and hardware approaches such as 3D printing and online teaching tools.

The training which entailed practical demonstration on how to construct spikeling labs is part of the terms of reference of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in 2017 between FUTA and TREND in Africa which was facilitated by Dr. Temitope Adedeji of the Department of Physiology.

Dr. Adedeji and the Head of Department, Dr. J. O. Jeje expressed optimism that the practical demonstration will enhance learning and research in the study of neurons and their application to modern health issues.



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