Florida woman’s sign seeking ‘sexy lineman’ helps power get restored


A Florida woman left without power after Hurricane Irmasaid a flirtatious sign she put up seeking a “sexy lineman” to restore her electricity seems to have worked.

Kynse Agles, of Fort Myers, said she remained without power long after the hurricane swept through the area, and she was badly in need of air conditioning to prevent complications from a double kidney transplant she underwent days earlier.

“I saw a post on Facebook and I thought it was really funny and I can do it better,” . “I just thought maybe if a lineman got to my neighborhood they’ll laugh and hook me up first.”

The sign succeeded in attracting the attention of linemen from Pennsylvania Power and Light, who posed for a photo with the sign and etched a message at the bottom informing Angles that her lines were repaired and her power was due to be switched back on.

Agles said the linemen told her they had heard her on the radio that morning talking about her transplants.

“Big shout-out for everyone who is working to get the power restored, because it’s so hot out there,” Agles said. “I haven’t slept in my bed in twenty nights, so I’m really excited to sleep tonight.”

Source: UPI


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