Five Mistakes On First Date

Five Huge Mistakes You Should Avoid On Your First Date

Imagine you met this guy online. He loved your crazy posts and doesn’t waste time re-tweeting or sharing them. He finally finds the courage to slide into your DM. He didn’t start the chat like any regular guy would. So, he catches your attention, you check out his pictures, he looks dope with beards to die for. He tells you how much he loves your posts and how he looks forward to reading something from you every day. You smile and thank him for being a loyal fan.

Then you guys hit it off with regular chats and calls… Days turn into weeks and weeks into months and then finally, it’s time for you guys to meet officially.

You see, a first date can literally make or break the potential of a long term relationship. So if you truly want to make a long lasting impression, you need to get the first date right.

Below are some of the mistakes you should really avoid on your first date whether you are a lady or a guy;

  1. Pay attention to your appearance

First things first, make sure you look good. Forget what they say about inner beauty being more important. The truth is that we draw a lot of conclusions about a person within just seven seconds of meeting them solely based on outward appearance. It goes without saying that personal hygiene and a polished outfit is important. The way we present ourselves on the outside says a lot about ourselves, so, you might want to dress dope when going out on your first date.

  1. Don’t be late

Most of us ladies have this mentality that a guy must wait for us, so, rather than show up early enough, we wait till the guy arrives at the location before we start making our way there. we always like to keep the guys waiting because we don’t want to look cheap. But that is a very wrong mentality. Showing up late is just plain rude. You don’t just keep your date waiting especially if it is your first time meeting. If you run into traffic or have an unexpected setback, give your date a call or text so they are not just sitting around waiting for you.

  1. Never focus on your phone;

These days, it seems normal for people out on a date to constantly check their phones. We are so used to having and keeping virtual friends that it becomes awkward having a normal face to face conversation with anyone. Most people are so addicted to their phones that they can’t stay away from it. Constantly checking your messages simply means you are not interested in your date. Why answering those phone calls and text messages when you should be conversing and getting to know your date a little better?

  1. Don’t pretend

Okay, I know you like this lady or guy and would probably want to start a relationship with them but one mistake you should never do is to compromise who you are and what you believe just so you can impress them. Don’t pretend to get their approval. If you have a few things in common, great but if you have different opinions or preferences, it is still okay. But never compromise to get their approval.

  1. Don’t over talk

Some people have this habit of always talking about themselves. In fact, there was this recent date I went to, dude just kept talking and talking – like, he gave me a full gist of his family history. All I did was nod and smile at intervals. He never gave me an opportunity to talk and after that day, I stopped picking his calls. So, yeah, one of the mistakes you should avoid on your first date is over talking. It doesn’t make sense. Give your date an opportunity to speak too.


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