Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON)

Firm Takes Action Against Counterfeiting, Obtains SON’s Endorsement

Golden Diamond Action Against Counterfeiting: Golden Diamond Limited, which has vowed to be relentless in its pursuit of counterfeiters, has launched a new line of sanitary products to address evolving consumer demands and challenge phony goods on the market.

The newest goods, which come in a variety of ultra-modern styles, include kitchen cabinets, washbasins, and toilet flushers.

Frank Chen, the managing director, promised that the business would expand its research and development to improve the quality of its products for the utmost happiness of the clients at the 2023 distributor conference/appreciation banquet in Lagos.

He reaffirmed the company’s goal of having its products become the top option for sanitary wares in Africa in terms of both quality and price.

Speaking at the occasion, Yeside Akinlabi, a Director of the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON), praised the business for continuing to provide high-quality items over the years.

“The distributors should be proud of doing business with Golden Diamond because their products meet the required quality standards as certified by the SON. We strongly recommend Golden Diamond products to the public.”

The company has implemented intentional steps known as “You chop, I chop,” according to Lan, the marketing manager, to ensure the joint growth and advantages of all players in the value chain.

One of the procedures, he claimed, involves a stringent quality control system that puts all of Golden Diamond’s products through a test for water leakage, ensuring that the corporation would bear full responsibility in the event of a problem.

“There is also a sales policy, whereby the company monitors the market dynamics and competitors’ actions and timely adjusts the products’ prices to help the distributors get more market shares which ensures maximum profits.

“Before this meeting, we blocked over 100 distributors who failed to meet our registration conditions for the appointment as official distributors of our products. We have made the conditions stricter to regulate the number of our distributors because we believe that the fewer the distributors, the higher the profit for the distributors and the less the cost of management,” he said.

A number of lucky draws were held at the event, and several visitors left with various gifts.

Ten people got sets of JBL loudspeakers worth N150,000 apiece, ten more received Infinity phone sets worth N250,000 each, and three people won three brand-new Jacuzzis for N640,000.

The fortunate draw’s top prize winner received N1 million in cash, while three other winners each received three iPads worth N850,000.

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