Felaship by Obinna Uzoije


Arara rara Ororo roro is not enough. There is not a musician in Nigeria today that is like Fela Kuti. I wonder what the art of music will later turn into if the whole thing is centered on giving the waist of a lady a lot of accolades.

These funny musicians that call themselves artists sing about 3 things. The waist of a lady, the money they spend in Dubai and the haters they have. If I hear your song and know that I could do even better when I was in elementary school, I skip. Music is something that is never forgotten. If you can be retrospective now, you’ll see that you can remember your nursery rhymes. You can remember the songs you sang as kids, you formed yourselves. I used to sing about butterflies a lot. You need to hear that song, you really need to call me to hear it… lol. It stuck, my siblings know that song today. If your song has to come and go, you didn’t sing to impact. You sang to be famous or to get money.

When Fela said he had to put activism into music and sing it out loud, he was thinking about longevity. He was being futuristic. These days I see people dance to those songs, those songs that aren’t even that fashionable. I notice that it’s not about Clarence Peters shooting it or about the 1 million that was paid for the video. It was just about the message. Fela did more talking than singing. The least musicians or artists can do today is following that trend, saying things that matter and not just quoting Fela up and down. They say almost every slanguage he said but they are singing about a woman’s waist.

It’s crazy. The way you talk about the waist, analyzing it with precision, relating it to how the waist has made the woman intelligent and very useful in their lives… oh bum! Is it only waist that has all these qualities? And people be dancing.

The next is about haters. See, if you’ve not really stood for anything, you don’t have the right to have any hater whatsoever. This particular clause should be in the constitution please. Hatred is used in music far more than any other sphere of life. After talking about hatred, and people hating you, you put up your paranoia infested music on the TV and your haters watch. And clap for you. What do you gain? Before you release the next one, they’ve forgotten the former and you dedicate it to Fela Anikulapko Kuti?

About the Dubai advertising musicians or any other music massaging luxuriant money consuming moving pictures and sounds, leave Fela out of it! The young minds should know that Fela didn’t live for those things. He had crystal purpose. The purport behind his singing was the people, not the waist of a lady. Not about extravagant trivial living but his songs vilified any one that used the country’s funds anyhow. ‘International Thief Thief’ something like that.

You better warn yourselves. Don’t tarnish the image of a hero. Choose your role model according to who inspired you. If it’s a lady’s waist, mention too. Dedicate your awards to it.


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