Family of 7 killed by generator fumes


A family of seven is reported to have died from fumes emanating from a standby generator in Agbor, Delta State.

The victims are a retiree of the Nigerian Army, Mr Jacob Ikechukwu Obuteh, five of his children, three of which are between the ages of two and three years old as  well as a young man believed to be a boyfriend of one of the daughters. They were found lifeless in their home.

The family were said to have attended a church service last Sunday to cap activities marking the first anniversary of the death of the mother of one of the daughters of the military officer in Lagos.

It was gathered that the family was last seen on Sunday after turning on the new generator they got. However, on Tuesday, when the stink started to ooze out from the bungalow, neigbhours became suspicious and decided to force one of the windows open only to find decomposing bodies.

Following the discovery, other members of the extended family contacted the police who eventually forced the door open.

When police arrived, it was discovered that the entrance into the bungalow and exit door were locked from behind.

A family source said: “Five decomposing bodies were found in one of the rooms while the remaining two were found in another room with the generator on the corridor inside the house, having its ignition on but its fuel tank empty.”


  1. Please, lets be informed on d disadvantage of using machines dat dispels carbon monoxide as waste. It is very harmful. RIP 4 d deceased.

  2. can you imagine what the goverment is causing us? if there is light why will they put on a generator in their room or corridor?


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