Experts develop new cancer prevention guidelines

Physicians and scientists have come up with prevention guidelines that could help reduce the increasing cases of cancer all over the world.

The delegates who attended a conference organised by Apollo Cancer Institute, an arm of Apollo Hospitals, have expressed their commitment towards providing long-term solutions that would stem the tide of cancer spread across the world.

At the three-day conference held in Hyderabad, India, participants agreed that there is an urgent need to galvanise massive inputs and resources on a global scale to arrest the scourge of cancer all over the word. In doing this, it was expressed unanimously that stakeholders within and outside medical professions must begin to attend to cancer issue with utmost and proactive attention.

To build a broad based cooperation among the stakeholders and strategise for workable solution, the conference admonished the participants to begin sensitisation and advocacy to eliminate ignorance about the general belief that cancer is incurable. All the participants registered their willingness and readiness to embark on massive awareness campaign that will change people’s belief and attitude that cancer is curable.

The conference delegates made a joint declaration to offer a long-term solution to stem the tide of cancer spread in the world. The declaration places premium on public education and enlightenment which stresses act of prevention over treatment in managing cancer-related ailment.

According to the declaration, adhering to recommendations such as avoiding tobacco use, preventing viral infections, preventing obesity, avoiding excessive consumption of alcohol, high consumption of vegetable and fruits will reduce cases of cancer drastically.

Also, it was stated that early diagnoses and effective treatment reduces cancer morbidity and mortality by 60 per cent. However, the round-table session also made serious case for intensive cancer screening programme delivered on a larger scale in communities, states and nations. This kind of intervention to arrest cancer spread, according to the delegates, will require active participation and conscientious efforts of governments, Healthcare providers, NGOs and other solution providers in cancer management.

To achieve milestone feats in addressing cancer scourge, the corporate, institutional and national efforts should be geared towards garnering political supports and work towards realigning government focus on cancer prevention and control, facilitating research on the causes of human cancer, newer diagnostic tools and safer therapeutic options for cancer management and generating new knowledge and disseminating existing knowledge to facilitate the delivery of evidence-based approaches to cancer control, facilitating broad networks of cancer control partners and experts at global, regional and national levels and providing technical assistance for rapid, effective transfer of best practice interventions to developing countries.

The conference had representatives from various governments, international agencies, academia, non-for-profits and other key stakeholders in attendance. All the representatives and stakeholders expressed their support for and readiness to partner with Apollo Hospital to fight the scourge of cancer all over the world.

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