EU offers $500m to boost Nigerian education


Former Prime Minister of Britain, Mr. Gordon Brown, yesterday disclosed that Nigeria would access $500 million from international funding agencies to boost educational development in the country.

Brown, who stated this at the meeting of Coalition of Interventions to Support Access and Quality of Education in Nigeria, organized by President Goodluck Jonathan, at the banquet hall of the Presidential Villa, said the donor agencies were from Europe and America.

Brown said: “Federal Government of Nigeria has made available $250 million for investment in education by the states.

“What we have managed to do by talking to the individual agencies over the last few days is to match that $250 million with an additional $250 million making possible new investment of $500 million in education in Nigeria.”

 “I believe that additional cash transfers for training and introduction of new technologies can now match the initiatives that have been taken by Mr. Dangote from the business community and other initiatives among five agencies.”

“I have talked to the head of the development commission for the European Union EU, and he said he will tell the government of Nigeria to submit an application from time to time for the next seven years.

“Its terms will be devoted to education development in Nigeria. So, it’s up to the government to make the application.”

Speaking earlier Jonathan told Brown: “Thank you for helping us in this area. Education is critical to making our youths more employable.

“The Coordinating Minister of the Economy/Finance and the Minister of Education will work with the states to make sure that the programme succeeds.”



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