El-Rufai declares emergency as pest ravages tomatoes farms


The Governor of Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, yesterday declared an emergency in the tomatoes sector in the state, saying that 80 per cent of tomatoes farms have been ravaged by an exotic pest, called tomato blight, Tuta Absoluta, with 200 farmers in only three Local Government Areas (LGAs) losing one billion naira in the last one month.

scarcity is one of the major tomatoes producing states in the north and there has been scarcity of the commodity in the country, leading to a high increase in the price where available.

El-Rufai who addressed a Press Conference through his Commissioner of Agriculture, Dr. Daniel Manzo Maigari, said that already some officials of the ministry have been sent to Kenya to liaise with experts and return with a solution to improve on tomatoes yield.

Culled from: http://guardian.ng/news/el-rufai-declares-emergency-as-pest-ravages-tomatoes-farms/


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