Egyptian security and Muslim Brotherhood clash


Clashes of deadly proportions have been reported in Egypt.

200 Muslim Brotherhood protesters clashed with security forces leaving two dead in the country’s largest city, Alexandria.

A campaign to uproot the Muslim Brotherhood and stop the progression of its rallies in the coastal city resulted in the death of two demonstrators. Two policemen were also wounded in the clash.

The Interior Ministry said, “During the demonstrations, protesters cut off roads, threw Molotov cocktails, set fires, damaged private cars, and fired birdshot pellets, and clashed with local residents.”

The outlawed group however claimed that security forces had opened fire on protesters killing two, including a college student.

The ousting of President Mohammed Morsy, a Muslim Brotherhood leader, in July 2013 resulted in a crackdown on the group.

Supporters of the group demand that the ousted President Morsy be reinstated and their political and social rights restored.

The military backed government has blamed the Muslim Brotherhood for several attacks on civilians and security forces.


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