Edo State Government Reacts to Nyiam’s Outburst


The Chief Press Secretary to the Edo State Government, Peter Okhira, in a fierce reprisal entitled “A Rejoinder to Tony Nyiam’s Misplaced Outburst” described Retired Col Tony Nyiam’s conduct at the sitting of the Presidential Advisory Committee on National Dialogue in Benin City, on 28 October, 2013 as “unofficerly” and “ungentlemanly”.  He stated that Nyiam was a biased member of a committee that ordinarily should be above ethnic, religious and other divisive sentiments.

Categorically, the Chief Press Secretary stated that the retired colonel lacked respect for constituted authority and had the bearing of an anarchist. He further excoriated his military records saying that the colonel was a coward.

Peter Okhira further bruised the colonel that he had the proclivities of a megalomaniac which should muster the pity of people and not their criticism or condemnation. With reference to the claim by Nyiam that Governor Oshiomole was talking down on the people of the state, the Chief Press Secretary averred that the governor was only making a case for the viability of the National Dialogue insisting that something positive come out of it.

Finally, the governor of Edo state maintains that a national conference that will not deliver positive gains is not necessary now.


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