E-hailing Company, LAGRIDE Crys Out Over Forceful Takeover Of Vehicles

E-hailing Company, LAGRIDE Crys Out Over Forceful Takeover Of Vehicles
A partnership between LagRide Scheme and Lagos State government is facing turmoil as Ibile Holdings has reportedly taken control of 21 vehicles, sparking allegations of forceful seizure. Comrade Idris Shonuga, the National president of PEDPA, accused Ibile Holdings’ Managing Director, Mr. Tobi Lawal, of using harsh tactics involving police to take vehicles legally belonging to investors within the LagRide Scheme.
Originally designed to aid Uber and Bolt drivers by improving working conditions, LagRide involves drivers, investors, and app management companies. Investors supported drivers who could not afford vehicles outright.
Tobi Lawal claimed the scheme’s initial plan did not include partner involvement and intends to rectify the situation by directly handing over vehicles to drivers, as initially intended.
Lawal said:
“The original concept behind establishing the LagRide program aimed at empowering unemployed young graduates to acquire vehicles for commercial transportation.
“However, the plan was disrupted by the involvement of partners, facilitated by some Ibile Holding staff, who engaged fleet management companies, despite the scheme not accounting for their inclusion.
“Any agreements currently in place between Ibile Holding Company, partners, and investors regarding the utilization of these vehicles are not valid unless formally signed by the managing director or the company secretary, the authorized signatories. Consequently, I’ve chosen to reclaim these vehicles to be handed over directly to drivers.”
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