Dr. Abdurahman Abdullahi (Baadiyow)


Dr. Abdurahman Abdullahi (Baadiyow) combines a rare achievement of being a high-ranking military officer (1971-1986), an electronic engineer, an Islamic scholar, and sociopolitical activist. He obtained a B.A. in engineering from Somali National University and M.A. and a PhD in modern Islamic history from McGill University, Canada. He is one of the founders of Mogadishu University and its chairman of the Board of Trustees. He’s currently the Deputy Chairman of the National Forum Party (NFP).

Throughout his career, he’s been a prominent advocate for peace, social justice, and democracy in Somalia. Prior to running as a presidential candidate in 2012 Somali election, he served as the regional Director of Mercy USA for Aid and Development (1993-2007), through which he successfully lead and established schools, health clinics, and community programs in many regions of Somalia. He also participated in all of Somalia’s national conference and took a major role in the Djibouti conference as member of the technical committee responsible for the National Charter of Somalia. He’s a prominent leader of Islah Movement and a member of its Shura Council since 1995, a vice-chairman of Islah (1999-2008). Currently, he is responsible for the bureau of Reconciliation and Peace Building.

Through his writings and lectures Dr. Abdurahman Baadiyow has contributed to the debate on the issues of peace building, social justice, Islam, tradition, women, and state recovery in the Horn of Africa, in particular, Somalia. He is the author of “Recovering the Somali State: The Role of Islam, Islamism and Transitional Justice” and “The Islamic Movement in Somalia,” and a forthcoming two volume book entitled “Making Sense of Somali History.” Moreover, he participated in many academic conferences and published a number of academic papers, book chapters and numerous articles written in Somali, Arabic and English languages that be found at: http://www.scribd.com/abdurahmanba1051


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