Does checking your partner’s phone make you guilty?


Checking your partner’s phone makes you peaceful or possessive? A recent study by researchers from the University of British Columbia and University of Lisbon states that scanning a partner’s phone can be beneficial in strengthening the connect between couples.

Psychologists back home agree because maintaining transparency lends a balance to thoughts and emotions. Also, individuals who have had difficult relationships in the past exhibit lack of trust. But, it should be a two-way process to eliminate jealousy. However, snooping into your partner’s phone without his/her knowledge is wrong. And, if access isn’t regulated, it can have negative repercussions. So, before checking your partner’s phone, must ensure:

The motive is positive

The partner is aware

You also give access of your phone to your partner

In case of doubt, you are open to conversation

You don’t make it a habit


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