DIY dry skin remedies


I often go into automatic envy mode whenever I see anyone with clear, smooth, even-tone skin.

Most of them will tell you they hardly even think about it, hinting at their great genes and all.

Some others tell you about tedious skincare routines with bank breaking products.

Dry skin can become a health risk when you scratch and break the skin surface, leaving it open to infection.

Here are some reasons you may be experiencing dry skin and some remedies that won’t need you to break the bank.


If you take many long, hot showers, you are definitely prone to dry skin.

Also, if you are from 40 years and above, you are susceptible too (as you get older, your skin grows thin and dry from loss of moisture).

Working in extremely cold temperatures too or if you live in dry climates could be a culprit.

Another susceptible set of people are those suffering from eczema and psoriasis (these conditions are dry and itchy).


•Drink loads of water to keep hydrated inside and out.

•Eat fruits and vegetables because they are loaded with vitamins A, C and E which are very good for the skin.

Foods like cereals, spinach, beans and more that are rich in folate are also great.

•Foods rich in zinc like red meat, poultry, and nuts that help speed up the healing process are great too.

•Maintain a healthy routine of showering at least twice a day.

Use mild soaps that will not dry out your skin and avoid antiseptic soaps.

Use moisturising oils like coconut oil, jojoba, olive shea and cocoa butter.

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